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All my life I have been a granola geek. I have tried almost every kind of granola on the supermarket shelf, almost always followed by a stomach ache. This because I have a lot of food allergies. So I decided to make my own granola from scratch. After trying countless recipes from the internet, I never achieved that delicious crunch. So the choice was either bellyache or granola without crunch, because cutting granola out of my diet, no way! Then I stumbled upon Naturally Granola's Instagram account and clicked through to their website. The granola looked delicious and the list of ingredients showed that it had 0 junk in it. Immediately I knew, I have to try this! And it sure was delicious. And to top it all off, NO stomach ache afterwards! Never another brand for me. The Signature flavor is my absolute favorite. I also love Speculaas, especially because I can't eat normal pepernoten and now I can still experience this delicious taste. I have to admit that I'm really addicted. My boyfriend watches in disbelief as I eat a kilo of them a week. I also hide the bags because I don't want to share my Naturally Granola. Naturally Granola even goes on holiday with me! Try it at your own risk! ❤️

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