Sweet Mystery

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This granola can only be described as a particularly delicious taste sensation. It is surprising. Liquorice, Chinese almond (which tastes like marzipan/amaretto) and freeze-dried strawberries.

Contents: 300 grams


oats, almonds, pumpkin seeds, linseed, date syrup, hemp seeds, Chinese almond, puffed amaranth, Lakrids, honey, coconut oil, freeze dried strawberries.

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5 reviews for Sweet Mystery

  1. Tilda

    Delicious granola finds especially the aftertaste of liquorice super delicious!

    • Tiara

      Thank you Tilda! Super sweet, and nice to hear that you like that aftertaste so much! Very special, huh?

  2. Anna Art

    Nice summer taste. Strawberry... yummie!

  3. Wendy V.

    Delicious fresh granola, a good combination with the strawberries in it

  4. Roneal Piper

    Very tasty!

  5. Anonymous

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