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Speculaas granola: inspired by everyone's favourite biscuits, but without all the sugar that comes with it! 

  • The pleasure without the guilty.
  • No refined sugars. 
  • Full of nutrients and fibers.



Additional information

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300 gr glass jar, 300 gr refill bag, 1 kg refill bag


This granola has the delicious taste of Speculaas, but contains no wheat or sugars. Enjoy this sweet but healthy breakfast!

We recommend going for the 300 gram glass jar as your first purchase! It keeps our granola at its best, and looks great in your kitchen too. Jar empty? No problem, order the 300 gram or 1000 gram refill bag and enjoy!


Oats, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, date syrup, roasted amaranth, Brazil nuts, pecan, macadamia, hazelnut, hemp seeds, spice, honey, coconut oil.

Nutritional values

nutritional values speculaas


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