Speculaas granola

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Speculaas granola: inspired by everyone's favourite biscuits, but without all the sugar that comes with it! 

  • The pleasure without the guilty.
  • No refined sugars. 
  • Full of nutrients and fibers.



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300 gr glass jar, 300 gr refill bag, 1 kg refill bag


This granola has the delicious taste of Speculaas, but contains no wheat or sugars. Enjoy this sweet but healthy breakfast!

We recommend going for the 300 gram glass jar as your first purchase! It keeps our granola at its best, and looks great in your kitchen too. Jar empty? No problem, order the 300 gram or 1000 gram refill bag and enjoy!


Oats, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, date syrup, roasted amaranth, Brazil nuts, pecan, macadamia, hazelnut, hemp seeds, spice, honey, coconut oil.

Nutritional values

nutritional values speculaas

28 reviews for Speculaas granola

  1. Jitske

    Review for Speculaas Refill bag
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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    • Tiara

      Ahh how sweet! We'd love to hear that!

  2. Jenny Tang

    Haven't eaten yet, but what can go wrong with speculoos?

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    • Tiara

      Ahh how sweet of you to be so insured about it! Hahaha did we do something right? Thank you so much!

  3. Wendy V.

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  4. Helga Driehuis

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  5. Vanessa De Gidts

    With this flavour, too, you can taste NG's love of granola. Delicious those coarse pieces. I'd rather sweeten this than speculaasjes.

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  6. Anne Floor Baker

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  7. Laura

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  8. Rose D.

    Very tasty and surprising. Breakfast is a party!

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  9. Ingeborg

    Super nice!!! Wants to make everyone in my hometown happy with this!

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  10. Gerard Pronk

    Nice and spicy.

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  11. Amanda De Bruin

    Handy refill bags and delicious granola

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  12. Martijn K.

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  13. Rose

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  14. Lieke Rider

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  15. Gerard

    Whether it's Sinterklaas or not, this Granola tastes great any time of the year and when combined with fruit it makes a delicious spicy Granola.

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  16. Yda van Duijvenbode

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  17. Willeke Verheij

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  18. Jeanet

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  19. Niki De Haij

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  20. Manon

    This flavor is my favorite besides the chocolate variety. So delicious this spicy granola with nuts!

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  21. Carla Beens de Ruiter

    Taste fine, not sweet. Delivery takes too long and the price is too high for such a small bag. And please send less mails!

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  22. Eva V.

    Not yet tried but promising

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  23. manon

    Ooooehhh this one is so good!!! I like all kinds of NG though :)) The speculoos go great with tangerines or I love them with raspberries too!

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  24. Anonymous

    Oooh do me just a bowl of speculaas granola or out of the blue! World class, we are all big fans here at home

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  25. Marieke Leusink

    Best ever, crunchy & super delicious! A delicious taste of freshly baked granola and speculoos 🤎🤎

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  26. Channa

    Very good! Granola has quite large chuncks, wouldn't mind if that was a bit smaller.

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  27. Johanie

    Gets us in the mood for the season immediately!

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  28. Mandy Jaques

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