Giraffe's Coffee granola

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Begin your day with coffee served differently!

  • Single origin specialty coffee from Guatemala.
  • Luxury grains, nuts and seeds.
  • No refined sugars.



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300 gr glass jar, 300 gr refill bag, 1 kg refill bag


This granola is a collaboration with Giraffe Coffee Roasters from Rotterdam. Giraffe is known for selecting and roasting specialty coffee. This fits perfectly with Naturally Granola - only the best of the best! We process this coffee with our unique recipe, resulting in delicious crunchy coffee. For anyone who prefers to start the day with a fresh cup of coffee, you can combine that with coffee in a bowl!

We recommend going for the 300 gram glass jar as your first purchase! It keeps our granola at its best, and looks great in your kitchen too. Jar empty? No problem, order the 300 gram or 1000 gram refill bag and enjoy!


Oats, sunflower seed, flaxseed, date syrup, hemp seed, pistachio, macadamia, hazelnut, pecan, Brazil nut, almond, puffed amaranth, Guatemala coffee, honey, coconut oil.

Nutritional values

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31 reviews for Giraffe’s Coffee granola

  1. Chantal

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  2. Jitske

    Tasty and a nice cooperation but for me just not what I'm looking for in my breakfast.

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    • Tiara

      Ahhh yeah, I get it! He is also delicious as a snack in the afternoon ?

  3. Gerard Pronk

    I like to drink coffee and that's what makes this taste so subtle and refined. Highly recommended for coffee lovers.

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    • Tiara

      Thank you, Gerard! ? Must say I really like working with Giraffe Coffee Roasters. And like you, I'm really a coffee drinker!

  4. Daphne the Great

    Super nice granola! Makes a party of my breakfast

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  5. Maxime van der Leij

    A very fine subtle with a powerful taste, very pleasant. I can't stop enjoying this delicious granola breakfast. I'm curious what other treats I can make with it, but I already think this is a nice treat.

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    • Tiara

      Thank you Maxime! Hahaha good to hear you can't stop enjoying it! That's what we do it for. I'm also very curious to see what else you'll make with it. We are also putting together an ebook of our clients. So if you come up with something fun, send me an email 🙂

  6. Marieke Van der velden

    Real coffee taste

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  7. Inger


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  8. Vanessa De Gidts

    So delicious! One of my 3(!!!) favorites

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  9. Annette

    Very tasty but the belgian chocolate remains the best

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    • Tiara

      Ahhhh I get it! Belgian Dark Chocolate is one of the best-selling flavours for a reason! It is also delicious as a snack.

  10. Elsemarie Lingen

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  11. Gerard Pronk

    Lovely combination of Chunks and Coffee?????

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  12. Lisa

    Nice but don't know if I'd order it again

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  13. S.D. Lamping

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  14. Laura Rosendaal

    When you open the bag, you can smell the coffee! I've been nibbling this from the bag.

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  15. Chantal


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  16. Denise

    Delicious subtle coffee taste

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  17. Amanda C.

    Tastes like coffee!

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  18. Note G.

    The subtle taste of coffee is amazing!

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  19. Natalie Kalma

    I was very curious about this granola. But it's definitely worth it. Just a few pieces with coffee or delicious with yoghurt or curd cheese.

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  20. Anonymous

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  21. Anonymous

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  22. Jo B.


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  24. Anouk Sluys

    Tastes less like coffee than I expected, but otherwise very tasty.

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  25. Mariska

    Super nice wake up with a nice bite

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  26. Gerard

    A delicious crunchy coffee alongside my liquid for a delicious breakfast for a great start to the day. A delicious change as Granola and for coffee lovers a must have 😉 .

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  27. Willeke Verheij

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  28. Jeanet

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  29. Elsemarie L.

    Delicious with my breakfast

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  30. Gerard Pronk

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  31. Sigrid

    Just wonderful!

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