Chocolate Cheese Refill Bag

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For everyone who sent us messages that they don't want to wait all year for St. Nicholas and Christmas. Chocolate cheese, a new best seller, is now standard in the assortment!

The taste of chocolate peppernuts, without all the unnecessary additives and then even for breakfast!

Contents: 300 grams

**This is a refill bag, which is sealed to maintain its freshness. We do recommend that you buy our jar first, and that it is used purely as a refill pack. This way the granola stays extra fresh and crispy!


oats, sunflower seeds, linseed, date syrup, dark chocolate, puffed amaranth, Brazil nuts, pecan nuts, macadamia, hazelnuts, hemp seeds, speculaas herbs, honey, coconut oil.

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33 reviews for Chocolaas Navulzak

  1. Inger

    Fantastic! Delicious chunks of chocolate with lace.

    • Tiara

      How sweet Inger! Thank you, Inger!

  2. Jacqueline Spanish

    That's a topper, too! I've just smashed in just in case it's gone!

    • Tiara

      Haha, he's been running so well the last few days I brought the chocolatier another load today. So he's still here?

  3. Gerard Pronk

    Great flavors. These should actually be firmly in the range....only the name....nou yes at Easter can also Chocolaas but then with Easter eggs 😉

    • Tiara

      Thank you, Gerard! I must honestly say that I hear that so much now, that I'm seriously considering letting him? Let's discuss it with our team! Super sweet compliment iig thank you!

  4. Jenny Tang

    So this has become my new all time favorite! ???

    • Tiara

      How good to hear! We will soon consult if we are going to keep him (longer), hahaha ❤️

  5. Anna Art

    See above at the glass jar.

  6. Danique Joubert

    Naturally Granola is the very best granola I've ever tried. You will also notice that it is made from very good and healthy ingredients! The service is great too! Tiara works with passion and i love that!

  7. Ananda

    LORRAINE! Was within a day completely on 🙂

  8. Anonymous

  9. Inger

    Our favo!

  10. Mark van Kempen

    This is truly the most BRIL-JANTE granola ever. The combination of chocolate and speculoos is truly fantastic. This taste sensation not only lends itself perfectly to St. Nicholas, Easter and Christmas, but must also be included in the assortment. Compliments to the 'chef'!

  11. Rianne van Geldorp

  12. Ilse

    Addictive tasty!

  13. Anonymous


  14. Anouk

    Haven't tasted it yet, but looks good.

  15. Rose D.

    Can't live without it!

  16. Crisanne

    Glad that this is now part of the permanent range. Can I continue to enjoy this delicious taste in the summer!

  17. Ilse

    Nowadays breakfast is a party 🙂

  18. Claudia A.

    Delicious this combination, speculaas and chocolate, this should definitely be a keeper, not a limited edition hihi. Nice crunchy and fine large pieces.

  19. Gerard Pronk

    Devilish tastyrrrr

  20. Chantal

    Also delicious as a snack

  21. Susan

    Unfortunately, the first order was just a lot of crumbs, but the second order now got real crumbs with delicious chocolate!

  22. Diana

  23. Helga D.

    Super tasty and you can also eat this one out of hand as a snack.

  24. Miranda

    I love it. My latest favorite.

  25. Anonymous

  26. Anonymous

  27. Anonymous

  28. Rose

  29. Diana van Duijvenbode

    It's a real pleasure to eat.

  30. Kim

    Too good. The whole bag was already empty after 2 days #snaccident 🙂

  31. Lieke Rider

  32. Rob L.

    Very tasty!

  33. Gerard

    My all-time favorite.....The biggest and tastiest temptation for basically any time. As a start of the day, this Granola brings a wide smile on my face 🙂 Delicious crunchy chunks topped with delicious chocolate as a topping on my breakfast, as a lunch through a salad, as a topping of my dessert and as a snack for the snack or just when I feel like snacking. This Granola makes me happy 🙂

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