Belgian Dark Chocolate

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Belgian Dark Chocolate is every chocoholic's dream.

Large chunks of granola and pieces of the best Belgian chocolate that are at least as large ensure a breakfast that will not disappoint. I promise.

Contents: 300 grams


oats, Belgian dark chocolate, linseed, pumpkin seed, date syrup, hemp seed, coconut, pistachio, macadamia, hazelnut, Brazil nut, roasted amaranth, mulberry berry, honey, coconut oil.

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23 reviews for Belgian Dark Chocolate

  1. Jacqueline Spanish


  2. Tilda

    In a word Heavenly Great Favourite here, especially by manly!

    • Tiara

      Yeah! This one's the favorite for a lot of people! Here in the house, Nikos is a real fan!!!

  3. Annette

    The best! That chocolate.... can't be described

  4. Merel

    Also delicious as a biscuit or in dessert!

  5. Amanda

  6. Marieke Van der velden

    What a delicious granola and greatly enjoyed the chocolate. Compliments for the quality

  7. Mark van Kempen

  8. Veronique Cornelissen

    Super yummy

  9. Rianne van Geldorp

  10. Jenny Ooijevaar

  11. Charlene Benjamins

  12. Mireille P.

    Pure, nutritious and healthy. Wow, I've never had such a delicious granola. Really huge fan! Sneaky even from candy without putting it in the yogurt

  13. Wendela van der Lee

    This one wins my heart anyway, I love chocolate and this is all chocolate and delicious granola

  14. Sema

    Totally loved it!

  15. Aïsha

    Oooh so good! And not only because of the yoghurt at breakfast, also just delicious from the pot on the couch hihi

  16. Sanne Oldewening

    Top service. Lovely

  17. Manon van Zwol

    It's not normal how crispy this granola is! You taste that the products are fresh. We eat it with our breakfast but also as a snack in between.

  18. Ivete

  19. Zahira Faithful

  20. Diana van Duijvenbode

    I thought there wasn't much chocolate in the pot. Lots of crumbs instead of large chunks. Too bad.

  21. Anonymous


  22. ilona

    Delicious with chunks of chocolate

  23. Niki De Haij

    Heerlijk 🤤

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