Belgian Dark Chocolate Refill Bag

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Loved by the chocolate fans among us. Made with the best dark chocolate. And in large chunks, to make sure we don't disappoint anyone.

Contents: 300 grams

**This is a refill bag, which is sealed to maintain its freshness. We do recommend that you buy our jar first, and that it is used purely as a refill pack. This way the granola stays extra fresh and crispy!


oats, Belgian dark chocolate, linseed, pumpkin seed, date syrup, hemp seed, coconut, pistachio, macadamia, hazelnut, Brazil nut, roasted amaranth, mulberry berry, honey, coconut oil.

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62 reviews for Belgian Dark Chocolate Navulzak

  1. Anonymous

  2. Annette

    The refill bags arrived in 1 box, not crushed, but nice and fresh and fast after the order. Thanks, Naturally Granola!

  3. Ula

  4. Inger

    Love, love, love it! Delicious chuncks with delicious chocolate in them

    • Tiara

      Yaaay! Super sweet! We do our best to add really big chunks of chocolate ?

  5. Manon N.

    I haven't tried this granola yet, but with the addition of Belgian chocolate it has to be a hit!

    • Tiara

      Ahhh super curious what you thought of it!

  6. Chantal

  7. Jitske

    Oh. My. Oh, God. Can I give this one a 6 out of 5?

    • Tiara

      Hahahaha! I like it!

  8. Jacqueline Spanish


  9. Gerard Pronk

    Owwww this was a real super surprise....that chunks of chocolate.... temptingly delicious.

    • Tiara

      Ahhh! How good to hear! Even before NG existed I was quite a fan of Special K with dark chocolate, only it was always so pathetic with those little mini pieces of chocolate. So when we started NG I said to Nikos, ok this has to be serious chunks! ??

  10. Gael G.

    I accidentally got a big refill bag of Chocolate instead of Belgian Dark Chocolate but it's also very tasty!

    • Tiara

      Hi Gael! Sorry sorry sorry about this! That was definitely an accident! It's good to hear that you really like this one ?

  11. Jenny Tang

    Yeah, my all time favorite! When I received it I didn't have yoghurt and I worked at home..1 bag was almost empty from snacking...

    • Tiara

      Hmmmm yeah this one is especially delicious to snack on because of those mega chunks of chocolate ? I catch myself on that too, haha

  12. Daphne the Great

    Super nice granola! Makes a party of my breakfast

  13. Amy O.

  14. Anonymous

  15. Inger

    Our 2nd favo!

  16. Mark van Kempen

  17. Annette


    • Tiara


  18. Jenny Ooijevaar

    Not open yet.
    Probably just as tasty!

  19. Antoinette

    My favorite! A real treat!

  20. Elsemarie Lingen

  21. Juliana


  22. Annisa

    So delicious I even eat it as snacks. Too bad that the calories per 100g is really high so I have to be very mindful when eating it. No complaints though. 100% high quality granola!

  23. Claudia A.

    Delicious, fine large pieces of chocolate that go well with the granola, tasty combi. Crunchy and good taste.

  24. Elise van Wingerden

    So delicious! I really love it and the chocolate in between! Jammieee

  25. Ingeborg

    Delicious with grated coconut and mango pieces or pineapple!

  26. Sema Y.

    I like breakfast a lot better now!

  27. Elkie Brothers

    Yeah, hello. Chocolate and yet nutritious breakfast. Couldn't be better, right?!

  28. S.D. Lamping

  29. Laura Rosendaal

    Delicious with the large pieces of dark chocolate. And the combination with the pistachios is perfect!

  30. Jenny Ooijevaar

    Just a present every morning!
    And sometimes in the afternoon haha

  31. Diana Scheepers

    I'm addicted! This is the most amazing granola I've ever eaten.

  32. Denise

    The most delicious! With delicious large pieces of chocolate!

  33. Amanda C.


  34. Note G.

  35. Natalie Kalma

    This is my daughter's favorite. Every morning with strawberries and soy yogurt. And I love it too, of course.

  36. Susan

    Unfortunately, the chocolate was far from the first time, but also the second order promised a lot of good!

  37. Diana

    The most delicious granola ever eaten ?

  38. Jenny Ooijevaar

    This one's the favorite here!
    Morning, noon or evening, anytime!

  39. Jonna Nijdam

    Even better!

  40. Martijn K.

  41. Helga D.

    Super nice. Also delicious as a snack just out of the hand. It's just a pity it's such big pieces.

  42. Rosalien Bus

  43. Miranda

    Delicious granola

  44. Anonymous

  45. Manoukia Lock

  46. Rose

  47. ilona d.

    Delicious with that chocolate!

  48. Amanda

    The most delicious!



  50. ilona

    Delicious, chocolate and note

  51. Anouk Sluys

    Lovely! I love the big chunks, and especially the delicious pieces of chocolate 🙂

  52. Roneal Piper

    Heaven on Earth, my favorite!

  53. iens forest district

  54. Lieke Rider

  55. Rob L.

    Too tasty, watch out with snacks out of hand 😉

  56. Mariska

    Actually, just a party at breakfast

  57. ilona

    Delicious with large pieces of chocolate. Highly recommended!

  58. Gerard

    Delicious large and small chunks of chocolate. Large but also the smaller chunks of Granola give me a satisfied feeling of a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

  59. Yda van Duijvenbode

  60. Willeke Verheij

  61. Elsemarie L.

    Once in a while you can spoil yourself with something extra for breakfast.

  62. anouk.sluys

    Really heavenly!
    The chunks of chocolate and the big chunks....ever bite a party !

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