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What's granola?

In every supermarket, on many menus and probably even in the kitchen cabinet of Queen Máxima: granola is everywhere these days! And since there seems to be no end to the hype, we'd like to answer a few pressing questions about granola.

What's granola?!

A quick search on Google and you'll find some definitions. Cambridge Dictionary states that granola is "food made from baked grains, nuts, and dried fruit, usually eaten in the morning." Merriam-Webster Dictionary is even more ambiguous: "a mixture of usually rolled oats and various added ingredients (such as brown sugar, raisins, coconut, and nuts) eaten specifically for breakfast or snack." 


So, is that all there is? Baked cereal with dried fruit, nuts and sugar? Well, all these definitions don't seem to have been overtaken by how quickly granola is evolving, with more and more people putting the time and effort into innovating and creating granola recipes suitable for every kind of person, with ingredients that don't fit into your conventional dictionary definition of granola. We also like to think there's more potential, and we're making sure we reach that level. But more on that later...

Now you may also be wondering:
what is the difference between granola and muesli?

The ingredient base is the same, but the biggest difference is in how they are made. While granola includes some sweetener and oil to bind it together when baking, granola ingredients are combined raw. The way people use granola and muesli is also different. Muesli can be eaten as part of both a cold and a hot meal, but granola is always served cold, as part of breakfast or as a snack. 

At Naturally Granola, we make the most of our products. We make both sweet and savory recipes - so our granola goes way beyond the standard definition. Want to finish off a salad with granola? Use our Signature granola, the simplest but exquisite variety that contains 6 types of premium nuts. Want to eat granola as a snack? Grab your granola jar and eat the chunks right out of it for a quick and healthy snack.

What is granola
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Premium granola 'chunks' with striking flavours. From a quick breakfast to an impressive dessert, Naturally Granola is the only granola that turns every eating moment into a pampering moment.

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And what if I'm vegan, or allergic to certain ingredients?

There are numerous plant-based granola varieties. With the rise of this industry in the Netherlands and abroad, there are plenty of choices for vegans and people with allergies. Since Jan. 2022, we have not just 1 vegan granola, but all of our granola is vegan. Because we saw that more and more customers were looking for a vegan granola, we decided to adjust our recipes, not tell ambassadors, and if it was just as tasty, that we would switch. Our granola is just as tasty as before and responsible too!

Curious which ingredients we use?

We've said that we do a lot more than just the basic ingredients that are in the granola definitions online. Yes, we use fruits, but they are freeze-dried to retain the great taste and nutritional values. Yes, we use nuts, but we select the best nuts available to create a luxurious blend. We also add seeds to our granola for even more health benefits! Our granola is sweetened with date syrup, a perfect alternative to conventional sweeteners, and we bake our granola with coconut oil, to keep it crunchy and flavorful.