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Have you noticed? A number of our products have a new, black sticker since a few months...

What are those little stars?

You probably already saw it on our product packaging and online the last couple of months. And some of you already know exactly what it means. But there are still a lot of you who are very curious about that beautiful black sticker on our Signature and Belgian Dark Chocolate packaging. What am I talking about? The Great Taste Awards! 

At the beginning of 2020 we sent our products to the Jury of the Great Taste Awards and our flavours "Signature" and "Belgian Dark Chocolate" won both prizes! That sounds great, but what does the Great Taste Awards really mean?

Every year we organize The Guild of Fine Food (GFF) A competition for the food and drink sector. The GFF consists of a panel of over 500 experts to provide honest, sincere and impartial feedback on products. These experts include chefs, buyers, culinary writers and retailers. If a product receives 1, 2 or even 3 stars, it has been approved (or rated) by a respected seal of approval in the food industry.

As you can imagine, we are super duper honored to be able to put these stickers on not 1 but 2 of our granolas. Something I am really proud of! Now I am actually very curious to hear your opinion. What is your favorite granola and how many stars does it get?

UK Taste
UK Great Taste
UK Great Taste
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