selflove isn't selfish

Hey you!

Last month I probably introduced myself, and made you a promise to take you into the wonderful world of self-love and self-care. And promise makes debt, so here I am!

The other day I shared a post on my instagram about self-love, and how important it really is. Of course, as it goes on the internet, I quickly received a response, "As if the world could use any more narcissistic fat necks. Instead of liking yourself, you'd be better off investing your time in others." ** swallow **.

Was this man right? Is self-love and self-care so selfish then? Narcissistic? Should we put all our energy and love into others before we deserve to think of ourselves for a moment? I went to work on it. Reflection after reflection, research after research, ... and you know what I found out? Self-love and self-care is the very thing that can make us give more energy and love to others. SAY WHAT NOW! Read that again. SELF-LOVE IS PRECISELY WHAT ALLOWS YOU TO GIVE MORE LOVE TO OTHERS.

To kick off the first "real" blog, I'll go right ahead and make this first self-love/ self-care statement: Selflove isn't selfish.

Think about it: when you hate yourself, for whatever reason, how often do you find yourself in your thoughts? How much energy does it take from you to constantly put yourself down, to criticize yourself? When your batteries are completely drained, and you don't have a drop of energy left to give. Can we then really make others happier, happier and give them the love they deserve?

Just by learning to like ourselves, we are going to have more mental space for others. Just by taking some time for ourselves and recharging our batteries, we are going to be able to give more energy to others.

Self love isn't selfish

So grab yourself a good time, grab a good book, grab your favo yogurt-granola bowl and take time for yourself. Learn to rediscover yourself. You've got this!

I'm really looking forward to seeing you again in September, where we'll go further into how exactly you can learn to take care of yourself with a super simple first exercise. I am looking forward to it!


Much love,



The healthiest you,Linde

Introducing the healthiest you, is a blog written by Linde, of The Healthiest You. Linde is a registered dietitian who helps improve the disturbed relationship with food and with yourself through intuitive eating and self-love.

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