Summer is shaken off and we return to everyday life. For many, this is a day where work and school starts again. 

A period when many additional responsibilities, duties and tasks come our way again. 

All the peace and quiet you may have found during the vacation season soon begins to transform into stress and endless to-do lists. 

Fun, rest and self-care, therefore, quickly return to the background. 

But how can you make sure in busier periods that you can still effectively take care of yourself and make me-time a priority? And why is it so important to do this in busy periods? You can read some useful tips in this blog! 

The importance of self-care when you don't actually have time for it:

Just when you think you have absolutely no time to take a self-care moment, just then is the exact right time to schedule one. 

Self-care actually allows your body and mind to reset. It recharges your batteries and will allow your stress levels to stabilize. 

We all know what negative effects stress has on our bodies and lives, and it is best to avoid it as much as possible. 

Self-care is key here! It doesn't have to be long, but taking some time every day to take care of yourself and push that reset button is really one of the most important things you can do during busy periods.

Tips & tricks to keep your me-time and self-care from fading into the background

  1. Use the first 5 minutes of the day purely for yourself - Do breathing exercises, set an intention for the day, journal, stretch, give yourself a hug, ... with these little 5 minutes you give yourself and your body the confidence that you will not fade into the background
  2. Schedule it - if it's in the calendar it's an appointment. You wouldn't reschedule an appointment for work, so why schedule one for yourself? Schedule a larger block of me-time on a regular basis (such as a haircut appointment, a massage, a gym session, etc.) and keep the appointment with yourself.
  3. Remind yourself that you don't have to earn self-care and me-time. The fact that you breathe, live your life and get up in the morning is reason enough to enjoy your me-time. External competencies are not a measure of how much me-time you deserve. 

Which tips are you going to try out? Let me know at @thehealthiestyou_linde! If you've learned anything from this blog, be sure to share it on your social media and tag @naturally.granola and @thehealthiestou_linde so others can apply these tips too! That way we all take care of ourselves and each other a little better!

Introducing the healthiest you, is a blog written by Linde, of The Healthiest You. Linde is a registered dietitian who helps improve the disturbed relationship with food and with yourself through intuitive eating and self-love.

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