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So a selflove blog, all well and good, but why is self-care such an important part of selflove? And where does nutrition come into this whole picture? 


Without self-love, we often start canceling ourselves out. Without self-love, we start to feel inferior. When we hate ourselves, dislike ourselves, or are so enormously strict with ourselves, our mental health deteriorates. 

When our mental health declines, we generally see that we start taking less good care of ourselves. Bye bye self-care in other words! 


But it can be done the other way around, too! When we start taking care of our body and our head, regardless of where we stand with our mental health, you're going to quickly find that you'll quickly become more gentle and loving with yourself. You are going to be more in touch with your body and your thoughts, making room for healing. So self-care can also increase your self-love. 


So is nutrition such a big part of self-care? Hell yes! 


When you eat something, it is converted into energy in your body. Therefore, eating gives us energy. But our bodies need nutrients, vitamins and minerals to feel good. 

Therefore, our bodies often know perfectly what you need right, and will tell you. But often we have been so brainwashed by today's society and diet culture that we have learned to suppress that little voice of our body. We often believe that our bodies can no longer be trusted. 

Listening to your body and giving your body what it needs in terms of nutrition will in return give you back your energy. You can use that energy to do things that you like. Listening to what nutrients our body needs is going to make our body feel better. Notice here that I am using SENSING and not SEEING. After all, how your body feels has nothing to do with how you look or what number the scale reads. 


But food can also play an important factor on our mental health. Just as food is fuel, food is also a way to satiate us mentally. 

Just think how you feel after eating your favorite breakfast on special days. Or how fun it can be to eat cake together on your birthday! 

So nutrition doesn't just have to have an impact on you physically, it can certainly help with a mental impact as well.


So listening to what your body needs in terms of nutrition is definitely a massively big factor of self-care! You are going to nourish your body from the inside out. 


So a super good reason to find out what your authentic health looks like!

Introducing the healthiest you, is a blog written by Linde, of The Healthiest You. Linde is a registered dietitian who helps improve the disturbed relationship with food and with yourself through intuitive eating and self-love.

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