real crunchy granola

Why so chunky? 

Is that a question I often get? Not really. I mean, look at the picture. That's really crunchy and chunky granola, just as it should be…

From Day 1 we decided that Naturally Granola would not be a standard granola. We wanted to take our granola to the next level. We developed the tastiest granola, which is really crunchy, even if I say so myself. And one of the things that really makes us very different, and in my opinion, and the opinion of many others, is that our granola is really mega crunchy and chunky. With us you don't have to fish for chunks, because here its all chunky goodness! No arguing at the breakfast table about who gets the chunks today. 

So what's the difference?

The difference between chunky granola and non-chunky granola is everything…

No, seriously. Recently, my bookkeeper (who has a subscription to Naturally Granola) was in our office, and I had put down a bag of granola from another brand for him. ” Taste this, " I said. "But what is this? This isn't granola, is it?”

He said that already when he saw the granola, before even tasting it. Now of course he is used to Naturally Granola, he knows that there is a difference between granola, i.e. real chunky pieces, and loose oats, nuts and seeds that are baked in the oven. 

How do we get it to be soo chunky? That's top secret. What I can say is that our chunks have everything to do with our baking process. We don't add any crazy ingredients, no egg whites or banana either, just a whole lot of time and love. And yes, if I say a lot of time, our granola takes a whole lot longer to make, than those loose nuts and seeds that you buy everywhere else. Or don't buy 😉 

Handgemaakte Granola - Naturally Granola Abo-box-home-mini-683x1024 Echte krokante granola

Premium granola 'chunks' with striking flavors. From quick breakfast to impressive dessert: naturally Granola is the only granola that turns every moment of eating into a moment of pampering.

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