Q&A with Tiara #1

Last week we did an IGTV where Tiara answered some of your questions. This is the first video in a series of Q&As we'll be hosting over the next few months. If you have any other questions, feel free to send them our way!

Why did you choose to start a granola business?

Um, mostly because Nikos and I used to look for a granola that was really healthy and delicious. And it wasn't because we wanted to start a business. We were both still studying. And I'm quite a foodie. My whole family has restaurants, my brother is studying to be a chef. So food really runs deep in the family. And so I really wanted to make something that was delicious. And Nikos is a motocrosser. So he thought it was really important to make something that was also healthy, and really nourishes you and gives you energy. So we just made breakfast for ourselves. And the granola company came later as a sort of coincidence.

Why did you choose the ingredients you did?

Nikos and I went to the market in Rotterdam Blaak to buy all the ingredients for fresh granola. And we bought all the things that were either super tasty or really, really good for you like hemp seeds, flaxseeds.And we bought macadamia nuts, pistachios, things that we thought would be super tasty in granola. But as you can imagine, we didn't expect to make a business out of it. Otherwise, we might have chosen some cheaper nuts. But since people seem to like our granola so much, we decided we would just keep the nuts we have, and make it just as delicious as if we wanted to eat it ourselves. So we didn't want to sacrifice taste just because it's more with more expensive ingredients.

What motivates you most in the work you do?

I think especially the responses from people trying our granola for the first time or people who are super fans of Naturally Granola, and really engaging with them and sharing their experiences with us. Also getting funny stories about where people hide their granola, that always entertains me. 

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What experiences, both positive and negative, have you had with rapid growth of your business?

More than anything is some stress because you never know when it's time to hire someone new. I'm lucky enough to have met Jodie a few years ago at The Social Bakery. And she has been a huge part of our team...without her I couldn't have done it. So super grateful for that. The downside is sometimes you end up doing a lot of little things instead of really working on growing your business. So that's something we're working on right now. Trying to get the right team together so we can all do what we do best. So we're looking forward to that. 

What would you say to the younger version of yourself if you started Naturally Granola?

Um, actually, when I started Naturally Granola, I was writing a thesis on our company and doing research on positioning our company. And based on the questions I was asking people, it was very clear that I really needed to show a lot of myself because people really see me as Naturally Granola. And I didn't do that, even though it's so good. So for the first couple of years, I regretted not showing myself as much as I should have. And that's something I'm clearly working on now.