Sample pack - "Guilty" Pleasures

(19 klantbeoordelingen)

Contents: 3 x 40 grams

Are you curious about our mega chunky granola, and you want to taste it? Here's a chance to try our "Guilty" Pleasures. Then you'll know what flavour you want to order next time!

  • Signature
  • Belgian dark chocolate
  • Speculaas

"Signature", "Belgian Dark Chocolate" and "Speculaas" together in one collection. Are you a real sweet tooth? A collection with two "guilty pleasures" that are actually not so guilty at all! You can enjoy this without sinning, paired with our bestseller, the "Signature"!

Shipping costs included! These will fit in your mailbox.





19 reviews for Proefpakket – “Guilty” Pleasures

  1. Anouk

    Yeah, very good! ?

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  2. Denise T.

    Delicious granola, was a gift to unpack but also to eat.

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  3. manon

    These are so much fun to hand out and will be appreciated by young and old! Plus they look super nice so score anyway 🙂 I handed them out as Christmas gifts, everyone was mega HAPPY and in love with the chunks!

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  4. manon

    Super nice to give as a gift! You will make everyone happy!

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  5. Sonja

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  6. Chantal H.

    Thanks to your granola I finally like skyr.

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  7. Elize

    Super tasty and fresh!!!

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  8. Varun A.

    Absolutely loved the granola. Would definitely order it again but at a later stage as the granola is a bit expensive for daily use. Fingers crossed that the price will become a bit more sustainable in the near future.

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  9. Esther V.

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  10. Steffie C.

    Party on your plate!

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  11. Anonymous

    Incredibly delicious and filling

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  12. Amanda S.

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  13. Rianne


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  14. antoinet

    Deliciously tasteful

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  15. annemarie haitsma

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  16. Valerie J.

    They are really all delicious but the Belgian dark chocolate is a favorite!

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  17. Karin

    very tasty granola, you keep eating it

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  18. Mariel

    What a delicious granola! Speculoos is a favorite!

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  19. Miranda

    Absoluut heerlijk! Snel meer besteld 🙂

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