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Maybe you already know me, but maybe not. I'm Tiara, co-founder of Naturally Granola. A company in the Netherlands that started over five years ago. Naturally Granola came into being because we (Nikos and I) are serious foodies who think the balance between delicious and healthy food is very important. Healthy is great, but if it's not tasty, I'm not interested...

Two years ago, Naturally Granola (NG) started collaborating with influencers. The main reason I decided to start doing this is because I wanted to increase our brand awareness and also get more User Generated Content.

At this point, I was still really looking at which influencers I liked, who I really believed in. And especially who I really connected with. I was lucky that everyone I worked with was super nice and really enjoyable to work with. But after having done this for a few months, I decided that I wanted and needed more. I really wanted to build a community!

I started with a group of five female influencers, wanting more than a one-off collab. I wanted long-term relationships, where I could learn and so could they. Where we could really grow together.

As a startup entrepreneur, I didn't have the budget to do paid collaborations yet, so I looked for alternatives. I was more than willing to offer free products, but really wanted to give as much value as possible. How did I do this? You're about to find out!

Why did I decide to write this?

The past year I received DM's on Instagram, but also emails from more and more (food) companies with questions about my ambassador program. Questions about how I find the right ambassadors, what I offer them in return. And lots of reactions about my Instagram feed @naturallygranola and how it looks so beautiful. My feed consists mainly of content from ambassadors I work with! So endless content is definitely one of the bonus points. After two years of collaborations, I decided to share what I've learned. So let's start at the beginning.

What can you expect?

This e-book consists of seven modules, with a few extra bonus chapters at the end. In these modules I tell you what ambassadors are, why you should work with them, what they can do for your brand, how to find the right partnerships, what agreements you should make with them, and how to offer them value.


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