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Welcome! My name is Tiara...

About us

And I am the owner and founder of Naturally Granola. Our company was born out of love. For each other, but especially for really good food.

Years ago, way before the supermarket was well stocked with responsible products, my boyfriend Nikos and I started our search for the perfect breakfast. We were looking for convenience, health and pleasure, but it turned out to be impossible to find. So we had no choice but to just make it ourselves. Although, 'just make it'? If you only want the very best, it is not as easy as it may seem.

Hours of research into the best ingredients, discussing with nutritionists and countless test bakes later, we agreed: this had to be it. The perfect breakfast. Too good not to share it with you! Of course we will keep the recipe a secret, but we are happy to let you meet our flavours and special ingredients. For example, did you know that we use date syrup to sweeten our granola?

About us
About us

and we keep growing!

We started during our studies, baking at home. We started at the markets and at some nice selling points. But soon this was no longer doable. I got a wrist injury; every element was done by hand, from cutting the nuts to writing the labels.

In the meantime, six years have passed and a lot has changed. You can definitely still find manual work in our baking process. From the cutting of the nuts to the weighing and packaging of the granola. This way we make sure that every jar (or bag) of granola contains lots of love and that our quality control is extremely high!

What else has changed? Where we used to bake at home, we are now four (!) locations further and even have our own bakery! A bakery where we bake granola together with our awesome colleague Jodie. We met Jodie two years ago at The Social Bakery, one of the bakeries where people with a disadvantage on the job market bake the most delicious breads, cookies and granola. Now she is officially part of the NG Team!

Health & Sustainability

I, Tiara, grew up in a family that loves good food. My father started his own pizza food truck at the age of 16 somewhere in the south of France, and now a lot of years later, he owns three restaurants. My mother also loves food, and my brother is a chef. So food and cooking are really part of who I am as a person. 

But my mother told me regularly: "If it's not worth the calories, don't eat it". This stuck with me. And when Nikos and I met, he wanted his food to be nutritious. He does motocross, and has done so on a professional level, so it is important for him to take care of his body by providing it with the right nutrition. 

This also provided the perfect balance when we decided to create our breakfast. NG was not created because we wanted to start a business, but because we were looking for a tasty AND healthy breakfast. We both wanted to be happy, me with my taste buds in mind, Nikos for his sport. It soon became clear that we were not the only ones looking for the ideal balance between a tasty and healthy breakfast.

But that balance is not the only thing we find important. That is why we decided to make a product that would have a long shelf life without any crazy additives. One hundred percent natural, and that to me is already very sustainable. The use of our glass jars ensures that it stays crispy and fresh, without the need for preservatives. And it looks nice too!

Our bakery produces the granola through a no waste baking process.Even the granola crumbs are sent to ambassadors who then develop great recipes with it.

Hand-baked granola

About our process

  1.  The various nuts are cut by hand
  2.  Our special date syrup blend is weighed
  3.  The ingredients are mixed and weighed
  4.  Everything goes into the oven on the plates
  5.  The granola chunks are cut by hand into the right size
  6.  The stickers are placed on the package and the THT written down by hand
  7.  The granola is wrapped with the accompanying chocolate/rose petals/etc
  8.  And all this with some music and dancing in the bakery!