Granola recipes

Breakfast tartlet with chia seeds and granola

With this delicious breakfast tartlet with chia seeds and granola from Shana, you'll give any breakfast a real boost! A classic, but in the form of a pie. And let's face it, who doesn't want to start the day with cake? Also a topper for a healthy dessert by the way.



  1. Remove the seeds from the dates. Soak your dates in boiling water for 10 minutes. Drain.
  2. Put the dates along with the coconut oil and granola in the food processor and blend until you have a sticky mass. Push this into a springform pan and press down on the bottom. Place in the fridge until you have finished the rest.
  3. Put the gelatine in cold water and let it soften. Meanwhile, heat a splash of water on a saucepan. Squeeze out the gelatine and stir into the water until it dissolves.
  4. Now mix the quark into the gelatin mixture. Also add the chia seeds and the agave orange. Mix everything well.
  5. Remove the springform from the fridge, spread the fruit on the bottom (save some for the finishing touch). Pour the cottage cheese on top and put it in the fridge to set. It is best to leave it there overnight.
  6. Finish the recipe the next day with the fruit, mint and some more granola. Enjoy!

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