Our Story

Small, crispy acquaintance

Naturally Granola was born out of love. For each other, but especially for really good food.

Years ago, long before the supermarket was filled with responsible products, we, Tiara and Nikos started our search for the perfect breakfast. We were looking for convenience, health and enjoyment, but it turned out to be untraceable. So all we had to do was make it ourselves. Although, 'just'? If you only go for the very best, it's really not as easy as it might seem.

Hours of research into the best ingredients and countless tasting bakes later we agreed: this had to be it. The perfect breakfast. Too good not to share it with you! Of course we keep the recipe strictly secret, but we'd like to introduce you to our Flavours and special ingredients. For example, did you know that we use date syrup to sweeten our granola?

Naturally Granola grew faster and faster, so starting at home was fun. Sometimes it's very difficult, because you want to make one more batch and forget that it also has to cool down. And then suddenly it's 1 o'clock in the morning.

Besides that NG took all our time and space in the house, Tiara got a wrist injury. Everything is done by hand, from cutting the nuts to stamping the labels. So it was time for a nice solution... 

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Thinking Outside the Jar

From the first bite of Naturally Granola, you know it's all right. Not only because of its delicious taste and crispy structure, but also because of its sustainable and social character. Meanwhile, our granola is baked in De Bakkerswerkplaats in Rotterdam, a beautiful bakery where people with a distance to the labour market dedicate themselves six days a week to baking the tastiest breads, biscuits and granola. 

And because we not only love people, but also our planet, Naturally Granola is packaged in refillable glass jars. Is the bottom of the jar almost in sight? Then it's time for a refill! 

Do you want to keep it with a one-time order? No problem, just as good friends. (We'd love to hear what we can improve!) The glass jar is multifunctional and looks great in your kitchen!

P.s. As you can see our labels are no longer stamped, but we have super nice new stickers! My wrist is still grateful to me.