Not my first gig!

Let's get personal! 
Before I started Naturally Granola, I did something very different! 

My first company was called "Tiara's Jewels". And you guessed it, I made and sold jewelry! (I was very grateful to my parents by the way, I had the perfect name to start a jewelry line 🤣)

Tiara's Jewels started as a hobby when I was about 8 years old. This started as a hobby, I went with my grandmother every week to buy beads. And what started as a hobby became a business. When I was 12 I started ordering beads online in America, because of course they had a lot more options there than on Curacao. I was even allowed to sell the jewelry in my father's clothing store and at the age of 19 I organized my first jewelry exhibition! (I'm sorry the quality of smartphones wasn't that good back then...)

Me? On payroll?

Did I ever work as an employee? Yes! In Curacao I worked in an Art Gallery, MonArt. By the way, this is also where I held the exhibition. I sold so much in 3 days that I bought my first MacBook! After that I always worked in the hospitality industry. At my father's pizzaria and his Argentinean Steakhouse, but I kept working in the hospitality industry, also when I moved to the Netherlands in 2010. 😊

The business has been given to me. As a child my parents had a furniture store, they bought a lot abroad and had to travel quite a lot. They always took soap, shampoo etc for me. Nice detail: I then sold these to my grandmother (and of course if I went to stay with her, I would use them again).

Real business boss 😉

I decided to quit "Tiara's Jewels" to pursue my real dream, Naturally Granola. And this is now 5!! years ago. Do you want to know why I started NG? Then read my story here.

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Premium granola 'chunks' with striking flavours. From a quick breakfast to an impressive dessert, Naturally Granola is the only granola that turns every eating moment into a pampering moment.

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Tiara with Pink Lychee

Granola by Hertog Jan

What happens when a top chef and a granola expert develop something together? You want to experience that! Gert de Mangeleer, from the Hertog Jan Restaurant Group and granola expert Tiara Nataf from Naturally Granola developed a whole new Co-Brand together, launching a collection of three very unique granolas.