The founder of Naturally Granola, Tiara, was asked if you can eat NG during your pregnancy.

You have several delicious variations of NG. For this example I'll take the Signature variant. It is important to look at the ingredients. So what's in here? 

Ingredients list: oats, sunflower seeds, date syrup, hemp seeds, coconut rind, pistachio, macadamia, hazelnut, pecan, Brazil nut, almond, puffed amaranth, mulberries, honey, coconut oil. 

Can you eat NG during pregnancy?

Nuts, seeds and kernels sometimes contain substances that are not very healthy, so-called plant toxins. The advice is to vary with nuts, seeds and kernels. They contain a lot of healthy nutrients. The advice is to take a hand of these every day.

Superfoods like goji berries and mulberries.
The 'super healthy' effect of this would not have been proven. That is why one is cautious in advising these products during pregnancy.

Ingredient honey
Unfortunately when using honey it is not possible to specify exactly how much honey you can eat during pregnancy. The advice is, 1 teaspoon per day because of plant toxins.  

Taste Giraffe's Guatemala Coffee
This variant contains coffee beans. A point of attention during pregnancy is caffeine. The advice is 1 mug of coffee or 2 cups of coffee a day or 3-4 mugs of green/black tea a day. The caffeine would be in your body longer during pregnancy. Caffeine ends up in the amniotic fluid and in the blood of the baby. It is difficult to tell exactly how much coffee beans and caffeine your NG portion contains. In any case, know that if you choose this taste, you are consuming coffee beans/caffeine.

You can eat Naturally Granola during your pregnancy. Especially since the proportions are relatively small. It is a mix of products and nutrients. Take it maximum once a day in your yoghurt, Skyr or vegetable yoghurt.

Do you have any doubts about this? Then contact your midwife to discuss it.

Hamilton Health Dietician

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