Hello. Naturally Granola Eaters,

Leoni here, from Hamilton Health. How nice of you to ask me a few questions about the Naturally Granola product. Hereby I hope to give you more insight.

The following tips and answers obviously differ per person, height, weight, objective and medical status.

"How big is a healthy portion?! Because it's so good, of course, that you're quick to take too big a portion."

This is immediately a difficult one to answer correctly. It all depends on how you use a product and what you eat in total one day. You can therefore say of few products: "this one is healthy and that one is not", which is a little more nuanced. In principle, a portion of muesli/granola is about 40-45 grams. 1 tablespoon is about 10 grams. So you have a full bowl of granola with (vegetable) dairy.

But of course you can also make a nice mix! For example:

  • 250 ml (vegetable) dairy
  • 1 tablespoon Naturally Granola
  • 1 portion of fruit
  • 1 tablespoon seeds

Variation is very cliché, but best of all! And so you also have some granola left to smuggle in between! A tablespoon (or 2) in between, jammie!

"Does this fit into a low-carb diet?"

In my practice I say 1-2 carbohydrate-rich meals a day. Say one high-carb meal if you really want to lose weight. Take carbs like bread, granola, crackers, rice, potatoes, pasta. The choice is yours when you take these. Some people like to eat only vegetables with fish/meat/chicken/vega in the evening. Then you could take your carbohydrates in the morning or afternoon. After all, you need these for a balanced healthy lifestyle. It provides energy!

Signature NG contains per 100 grams: 43.7 grams of carbohydrates, of which 17.3 grams of sugars. Translate to the portion you take. Will you take one tablespoon? Then you could also take a little rice in the evening. Do you take a good portion of 40-45 grams? Then count it to your carbohydrate meal for the day.

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"What's the best way to enter this granola into MyFitnessPal (app)?"

DM Tiara! She can give you the nutritional value of the flavor you eat. Then enter a product, on the app, and put the kcal, carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Tiara: I'll do this for you next week for all tastes! 

"Does date syrup deliver fast or slow energy?"

Date syrups are faster sugars and therefore fast energy. Now you can make sure that this is processed slower in your body by combining it with products. Ng contains a.o. seeds, nuts and oats in the mix. These are slower and contain more fibres and proteins. It also slows down when you put it in your (vegetable) dairy. So the bit of sugar in NG comes from the date syrup and a hint of honey.

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