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Reusable, sustainable

When we decided upon which packages to use, we had the concept of reusability in mind. This is why we encourage everyone to get our delicious granola in glass jars first, so that when you order granola bags after, you can simply store the product in the glass jar! And of course, there's nothing wrong with getting multiple jars that you can re-use in a lot of creative ways! The possibilities are endless! Naturally Granola's team came up with some ideas for how you can re-use our jars:

  •  Store yummy home-made jam
  •  Store seeds, oats, nuts & other dry goods
  •  Plant seeds and grow your own veggies, fruits, or other plants
  •  Use them to store little notes with your accomplishments, small or big
  •  Turn them into a vase for flowers 
  •  If you have kids at home, let them paint the jars and use them as pencil/pen holders
  •  Store pet snacks (inspired by Tiara's dog, Gusto)
  •  Use them to drink home-made smoothie 
  •  Turn them into candle holders 
  •  Store makeup brushes, mascara, eyeliners, eye pencil...etc.
  •  Write cute notes for a friend and offer them as a gift in the jar!
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Premium granola 'chunks' with striking flavours. From a quick breakfast to an impressive dessert, Naturally Granola is the only granola that turns every eating moment into a pampering moment.

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Baking with as little waste as possible

When it comes to how we bake our granola, we are perfectionists! Every single day, our wonderful Jodie is baking fresh granola. The ingredients we use do not go out-of-date easily, and we never buy in quantities larger than we will actually use! What's more, we do not waste a single crumb of granola! Instead, we store it and use it to create delicious recipes (like the ones you can find in our blog)

As a smaller company in the food industry, there are of course a lot of aspects that we can improve, because going 100% sustainable is always a challenging and pricey process. But we can assure you, Naturally Granola is committed to constantly improving its practices and becoming even more sustainable! If you have some suggestions that might help a business like ours become more sustainable, please do let us know!

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