Hi, how nice that you are interested in Naturally Granola!

We offer several possibilities to work together. You can buy our granola for your store, restaurant or office. Or if you really want to take it to the next level we can also develop a custom granola for you!

Developing Custom Granola?

Over the years Naturally Granola has developed many different and delicious varieties of granola, all with their own unique twist. At the moment we have 8! flavours in our regular range, but we have also had several limited editions, such as:


Persimmon Pump



Our inspiration comes from all over the world and we are always busy finding new, delicious taste combinations. 
We also offer this service to shops and restaurants. Are you super excited about this, are all the fun possibilities already gathering in your brain? Then I am even more excited to do this for you. 

NG recipe development works on a quote basis only. So send me an email : with what you have in mind and we'll be in touch. (You can also call me on +31 621963335)