Naturally Granola's granola is bursting with fiber, protein and nutrients, all important components of a healthy breakfast. Naturally Granola also contains no preservatives, flavors or refined sugars. The nuts in our granola are full of unsaturated fatty acids, which your body needs!

With us you can choose between no less than eleven different flavors. All accessible and delicious, but also unique and different from what you'll find in the supermarket. From classic shapes like our signature or chocolate, to speculoos or our floral fig with edible flowers and fig, with us you can try it all!

Signature granola

The standard that is anything but standard. Luxury grains, nuts and seeds No refined sugars Packed with fiber and nutrients Signature...


Belgian dark chocolate granola

Do you also love chocolate and a healthy lifestyle? Then Belgian dark chocolate is the flavour for you...


Speculaas granola

Speculaas granola: inspired by everyone's favorite cookie, but without all the sugars that come with it! The pleasure without the...


Roses and cardamom granola

The taste of spring in a jar! Rose petals and cardamom Luxurious grains, nuts and seeds No refined sugars This...


Sweet mystery granola

A surprising taste sensation. Licorice, Chinese almond and strawberries No refined sugars Luxurious grains, nuts and seeds This granola can only...


Giraffe's Coffee granola

Starting the day with a bowl of coffee! Guatemala specialty coffee Luxury grains, nuts and seeds No refined sugars This granola...


Chocolaas granola

Chocolate peppercorns all year round for breakfast! The taste without the unnecessary additives No refined sugars Packed with nutrients and...


The First Three

The three Naturally Granola flavors launched first, the perfect foundation for a balanced breakfast! The first three,...


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