Granola and diabetes

Do you have diabetes and are you wondering if you can eat NG? I'd love to explain it to you!

In my first blog I wrote :
"Does this fit into a low-carb diet?"

In my practice I say 1-2 high carb meals a day. Say one high-carb meal if you really want to lose weight properly. For this, take carbs like bread, granola, crackers, rice, potatoes, pasta. The choice is up to you when you take these. Some people like to eat only vegetables in the evening with fish/meat/chicken or veg. Then you could take your carbs in the morning or afternoon. After all, you need these for a balanced healthy lifestyle. It provides energy!

Signature NG contains per 100 grams: 43.7 grams of carbohydrates, of which 17.3 grams of sugars. Translate to the portion you take. Will you take one tablespoon? Then you could also take a little rice in the evening. Do you take a good portion of 40-45 grams? Then count it to your carbohydrate meal for the day.

Blood sugar

Below is a chart related to blood sugar. You want to stabilize your blood sugar and get it under control.

leonie blood sugar

NG contains fast sugars, with slow carbohydrates combined. You can curb the effect on blood sugar by not eating it separately, but combining it with protein. As you may be used to with cottage cheese, Skyr or vegetable yogurt. Skyr contains the most protein of this list, so it slows down the effect of the sugar the most. 

You can also send Tiara from NG a personal message to ask her how many carbohydrates/sugars your flavor of NG contains. That way you can also take it into account.


Hamilton Health Dietician

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