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Jodie Honeywood

Chances are, the Social Bakery's hard-working bakers. Without them there would be no Naturally Granola!

In the Spotlight!

Have you heard of Jodie Hoonhout? Jodie works as an assistant baker and makes sure, for example, that enough chocolate ends up in our Belgian Chocolate. By the way, her favourite granola is our Coffee: "I love coffee, also to eat! In combination with vanilla yoghurt, this variant reminds me of my favourite drink: a Vanilla Latte". When Jodie isn't working in the bakery, you can find her in her own kitchen, the woods, the cinema or the church. Alone, or together. Jodie: "I like to spend a lot of time with my boyfriend and the people in the community. By the way, it would be great if I could give them all a taste of Naturally Granola!" 


Premium granola 'chunks' with striking flavours. From a quick breakfast to an impressive dessert, Naturally Granola is the only granola that turns every eating moment into a pampering moment.

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