For those of you who are looking for a healthy breakfast without bread: this is why NATURALLY GRANOLA is the best choice.

Varied and healthy breakfasts are important. If you want to stop eating bread and are looking for an alternative, breakfast with granola can be a good option. But make no mistake: in many cases granola is unhealthy. Fortunately, a healthy breakfast with granola does exist. We give you 5 reasons why Naturally Granola is a good alternative for bread!

1. Source of fiber

Fibre is important for your digestion, helps to prevent diseases and gives you a long saturated feeling. In short: fiber is indispensable in a healthy breakfast without bread. Unfortunately not every granola is a source of fiber because often flour, white rice or other low fiber products are added. Often, but not always. Naturally Granola contains plenty of fibre! Our granola is made from 100% whole grains and also contains high-fiber nuts and high-fiber seeds and kernels. And do you need (or want) to lose some pounds? Then our high-fibre granola can help you too! Naturally Granola contains no less than 9 grams of fibre per 100 grams (for comparison: 100 grams of wholemeal bread contains 7 grams of fibre per 100 grams, white bread only 2.7). And losing weight with a healthy high-fibre breakfast is simply easier than it is with an unhealthy breakfast of bread.

2. Always without wheat

Is wheat the biggest reason you're looking for a breakfast without bread? You're not the only one. Of all the reasons there are to stop eating bread, wheat might be the biggest. Although you can buy bread without wheat these days, most types of bread are still wheat-based. Because of this, eating bread can cause unpleasant symptoms such as bloating or abdominal cramps. For us reason enough to bake Naturally Granola without wheat. So if you want a healthy breakfast without bread, feel free to choose one of our flavours, even if wheat is not good for you.

3. Unsaturated and MCT fats? Check them out!

Naturally Granola contains a lot of fibre, but is also rich in good fats. In all our granola flavors Our granola contains high-fat products that are good for you. Our granola contains medium chain fatty acids (MCTs) from coconut oil and Naturally Granola is rich in healthy unsaturated fats from nuts, seeds and kernels. These essential fats are important for your health and provide your body with fuel. So they should not be missing in a healthy breakfast! Unlike the bakers of Naturally Granola, most bread bakers bake their bread without fat and the number of seeds in a loaf of bread with seeds is often disappointing. Things can be different. With a 40-gram portion of Naturally Granola, you get just over 8 grams of essential fats.

4. No refined sugar

To get right to the point: Naturally Granola is not granola without sugar. But hey, not all sugar is bad. It is the type and amount of sugar used that determines whether a granola is healthy or not. We use date syrup instead of sugar; a natural sweetener that provides energy, vitamins and minerals. In combination with the healthy fats, eating Naturally Granola keeps your blood sugar stable, so you experience less cravings for sweets after your meal. And that's good, because bread can quickly make your blood sugar levels soar.

5. Protein-rich

A healthy breakfast of granola contains another nutrient besides carbohydrates and fats: protein. Proteins are building materials for the body and ensure the preservation and building of muscles. And muscular buttocks are what we all secretly want. Now for a protein rich breakfast you can eat any granola with cottage cheese, but it is of course a bonus if the granola is also rich in protein. Win-win, we call it. Naturally Granola contains about 8 grams of protein per serving, which is quite a lot, especially compared to a sandwich.

Are you ready for a healthy breakfast without bread? You can buy healthy granola easily at the Naturally Granola shop. All you have to do is choose from our delicious flavours!

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