How to eat granola

How do you eat granola? A question I still hear quite often over the past 6 years. 

I started Naturally Granola 7 years ago now. And I have to say that the granola "landscape" looked very different 7 years ago. There were far fewer options. A lot of people didn't even know what granola was! 

I remember so well that I was at the Rotterdam Harvest Market, and someone asked if I was selling birdseed. Wasn't the nicest question, by the way...

Meanwhile, that question is a lot less popular, but I still hear it from time to time. The question that does still get asked fairly frequently is: But how do you eat granola? What do you eat it with?

My answer:

Granola is eaten in different ways. Totally depends on how much time you want to spend on your breakfast. Whether you are a cooking princess (or kitchen prince). 

The easiest ways are:

  1. A yogurt bowl. All you need is a bowl and spoon. Yogurt, our delicious chunky granola, and possibly some fruit. (I always like it with that!)
  2. With milk. You can also eat our chunky granola super well with (vegetable) milk. It stays nice and chunky. And our granola is so flavorful, this is really yum!
  3. On the go! Yes this is really super delicious, and among our fans this is done a lot. Because our granola is so chunky you can eat it super easy as a snack. Also perfect for on the go, or in your kids' lunchbox!
  4. Smoothiebowl. A go-to in the summer. You can put a frozen banana with various kinds of frozen fruit (or acai for an acai bowl) in the blender. Bit of yogurt or (vegetable) milk. Not too much! Make sure it's nice and thick. Top with your favo granola, nuts, seeds, etc.

Curious about more ways you can eat our granola? I have endless options. Check out our blog and then recipes for the recipes. 

p.s. This even includes savory recipes where you can use our granola as paneer flour. 

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