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Oatmeal with Baked Banana and Granola

Do you want a hearty breakfast that will definitely keep you satisfied for a whole morning? Then Shana from Shanavanhoof has the perfect recipe of oatmeal with baked banana and granola for you! The banana makes it sweet and the Belgian Dark Chocolate granola gives you that little bit of chocolate. A perfect start of the day if you ask me!


Shana Photo

Shana: @Shanavanhoof


  1. Peel the banana. Crush half and put in a saucepan. Cut the other half into 2 parts and keep separate.
  2. Add the milk and oatmeal to the saucepan and bring to a boil over medium heat.
  3. Stir well! Let cook until it has the desired thickness for you.
  4. Take a pan and put it on the fire. Add the tablespoon of agave syrup and heat up.
  5. Then bake the banana in it. When the oatmeal is ready put it in a bowl. Put the banana on top and finish with the cacao peanut butter and granola. Delicious!


Tiara with Pink Lychee

Granola by Hertog Jan

What happens when a top chef and a granola expert develop something together? You want to experience that! Gert de Mangeleer, from the Hertog Jan Restaurant Group and granola expert Tiara Nataf from Naturally Granola developed a whole new Co-Brand together, launching a collection of three very unique granolas.