Granola: cherry on the tiramisu!

For good food, Italy is the place to be, everyone knows that. Pizza margherita, pasta carbonara, tiramisu or real Italian ice cream: Italian cuisine is super popular worldwide, and rightly so!

Italians love beautiful, pure and delicious food. They use local, fresh ingredients and are very attached to the way their dishes are prepared. Pure, healthy, fresh and prepared with love. Just like the granola from Naturally Granola!

The unique flavors of Naturally Granola are ideal to incorporate into Italian recipes: a gift for the eye and for the taste buds. Here are 5 recipes inspired by Italian granola. Do you want to get started?

 Text, recipes and photography by @tuttitatum


1. Nutella coffee twisters

Italians often have breakfast with a sweet roll and a cappuccino. A great start to the day!

With these nutella coffee twisters you bring Italy directly to the Netherlands. They are easy and fun to make, perfect for on vacation. The recipe for these coffee twisters Find here.

2. Healthy tiramisu

Tiramisu is surely one of the highlights of Italian cuisine. Are you looking for a healthier, protein-rich but equally delicious version? Then check out the recipe for this healthy tiramisu.

Healthy tiramisu
Photo tatum

Text, recipes and photography by @tuttitatum

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Pizza fragola

3. Pizza fragola

When you think of pizza you may immediately think of tomato, cheese and salami, but have you ever heard of the pizza fragola? This sweet pizza is great for breakfast, but also fun to serve for dessert!

I almost dare not call it a recipe: take a large pita bread and spread it with a layer of mascarpone or cottage cheese. Slice strawberries and decorate the pizza with the strawberries, Roses and Cardamom granola and strawberry jam. Enjoyment guaranteed!

4. Panna cotta breakfast tartlet

Breakfast with panna cotta? Then you can! This panna cotta breakfast cake is delicious, healthy and super festive to look at thanks to the Floral fig granola. Bet you'll start your day off right?

Panna cotta breakfast cake
panna cotta classica

5. Panna cotta classica

Want to give your friend a big surprise, or maybe be extra nice to yourself? Then make this panna cotta Whipped cream based, with strawberries and a crunch of Sweet Mystery granola. Super romantic!

Are you going to be one of these Italian inspired Create recipes? Totally fun, let me know! Be sure to take a look at my Instagram page, @tuttitatum, for more healthy and easy recipes.