Granola Eating in a nice breakfast restaurant? These are 8 spots in the Netherlands where you can well can do!

We probably don't need to tell you which of the breakfast trends 2021 makes our foodie heart beat faster. Granola it is! Even when you go out for breakfast, the party is only complete when there's granola on the menu. But where do you go for a fantastic granola start of your day? We share 8 hotspots in the Netherlands with you!

The mere sight of Fika's smörrebrød makes your mouth water, but believe us: once you set your eyes on the jar of Skyr with granola and fruit, you will be completely unstoppable. Eating granola at this fine lunch café in Nijmegen is a true fika moment. And do you still have some work to do? Then order a coffee and take a seat in the Fika Office as a flex worker. Have a productive day!

Although Sappi prepares all juices, smoothies and salads fresh in front of your eyes, you won't find any homemade granola at Rotterdam's best juice bar. The reason? During a search for a healthy enough granola to serve on the healthy smoothie bowls, the ladies of Sappi bumped into co-entrepreneur Tiara. After one bite of her Naturally Granola they were sold: this granola had to be on the menu. And so it happened. And if you want to get started at home after eating a smoothie bowl at Sappi; Tiara's healthy granola is also available for purchase here!

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Yogis, water rats and sandhoppers, this one is especially for you! Because what could be better than starting a day of beach activities with a granola breakfast? Right, nothing. On the coast, the Zeeland coast, it is possible. Natural High is a delicious beach club (and kite surf school!) where they make the granola themselves. Every day until 11:30 you can eat granola with Greek yoghurt, fruit and honey, overlooking the North Sea. A great way to get a good start of your active day at the beach.

Breakfasts are easy to find in Amsterdam. But what if eating granola is something you just want to do after noon? For the answer to that question we lead you to Stek, also known as the finest place in Amsterdam East. The menu here proves that they take breakfast and lunch very seriously. From poached eggs with toast and butter to French toast made from sugar bread; there's something for everyone. And granola too, of course. And served with (coconut) yoghurt and seasonal fruit. You gotta love it!

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That you can also enjoy delicious breakfasts in a former post office is proven by this restaurant in the heart of Delft. Especially chocolate lovers are in the right place for a granola breakfast, because on the menu there is a real yoghurt bowl with fresh strawberries, honey and - you guessed it - chocolate granola. But first you have to sleep in or snooze endlessly, because 't Postkantoor opens its doors every day of the week at 10:00 am.

Day at Zandvoort on the program? Then start at the most beautiful spot in this seaside resort in North Holland. The beautiful location and the relaxed atmosphere of beach club Tijn Akersloot make breakfast outside the door a real pleasure. And then we haven't even mentioned the fine menu. The menu is full of healthy dishes and tasty bites that you can enjoy before or after your favorite activity on the beach. For example: coconut or full yogurt with granola, blackberries, chia seeds, goji berries and pumpkin seeds. And say it yourself: that's all you need to shine on your surfboard, right?

You can have breakfast out of doors in Haarlem at Frenchie. Although this spot is much more than a nice breakfast restaurant, because at Frenchie you can join at any time of day. Or stay and relax, because recently you can also stay and wake up in one of the 5 unique rooms of the boutique hotel. A smoothie bowl with avocado, mango, spinach, passion fruit and granola in bed, anyone?

Not a breakfast restaurant, but an all day comfort street food bar. That is Hello my Friend in the centre of Den Bosch. On the menu you will find typical street food dishes such as bánh mì with pork belly and spring rolls. But you can also eat granola there! The homemade granola from Hello My Friend can be found on an açaí bowl with banana, strawberry and chia seeds. Talking about delicious breakfasts to share (or not)... No, this is the way you never saw Brabant cosiness before!