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Chocolate S'mores Recipe

Tatum, our ambassador, shared this easy recipe for this nice weather and fun summer ahead!

Tatum: "Anyone who knows me knows: as long as it's not snowing or raining, I think it's warm enough to barbecue 😌 and of course s'mores go with a barbecue!"


Photo tatum

Tatum: Tuttitatum


  1. Spread the marshmallows on one side with spreadable chocolate. 
  2. Stack the biscuits on top of each other with two marshmallows in the middle each time. 
  3. Place the s'mores in an oven dish and bake at 180 degrees in 8-10. 
  4. Melt the milk chocolate in a pan on the stove, pour it over the s'mores and sprinkle with granola.


    P.S. don't try this in the microwave, the marshmallows will explode. Not that I speak from experience....


Tiara with Pink Lychee

Granola by Hertog Jan

What happens when a top chef and a granola expert develop something together? You want to experience that! Gert de Mangeleer, from the Hertog Jan Restaurant Group and granola expert Tiara Nataf from Naturally Granola developed a whole new Co-Brand together, launching a collection of three very unique granolas.