Boost Your Business

with a community of influencers

Do you recognize this?

  • You want more User Generated Content for your food brand, but you have no idea how to get it done?
  • You wish you had beautiful photos of your products, but you don't have the budget to pay a photographer every month.
  • You have super fun and creative recipe ideas, but no time to work them out yourself!
  • You would love to schedule your IG feed in advance, but never have enough content. 

I totally get it! I've been in your shoes. As an entrepreneur, I know you have plenty to do, from product development, sales, marketing, administration, networking. An endless list. At the same time, you know that Istagram is important, but you just don't have the time or budget to generate content, so how about just an occasional post? 

I have a better solution for you, I promise!

I wrote a very personal ebook based on my experiences, so you can give your brand a Boost!

The past year I received DM's on Instagram, but also emails from more and more (food) companies with questions about my ambassador program. Questions about how I find the right ambassadors, what I offer them in return and lots of reactions about how they think my Instagram feed @naturallygranola looks so great. My feed is mostly made up of content from ambassadors I work with! So endless content is definitely one of the bonus points. After two years of collaborations, I decided to share what I've learned.

What to expect?

This e-book consists of seven modules, with a few extra bonus chapters at the end. In these modules you will learn all about ambassadors, what ambassadors are, how to find the right ambassadors for you, how to get and give the most value possible.

Module 1 - What are ambassadors?
Module 2 - Why work with micro influencers?
Module 3 - Why Instagram?
Module 4 - What can ambassadors do for your food brand?
Module 5 - How to find your ideal ambassadors?
Module 6 - What do you agree with your ambassadors?
Module 7 - What's in it for them?

BONUS 1 - Keep your ambassadors up-to-date and super loyal
BONUS 2 - How do you keep them motivated?
BONUS 3 - My mistakes, your learning moments!

Appendix I - Ambassadors Agreement NG
Appendix II - Assignments
Appendix III - NG Ambassadors Database

Not sure if this is something for you? Contact me via the chat function at the bottom right of the screen and I will be happy to help you find out if this is something for you!