Granola recipes

Fig chocolates with white chocolate

A special recipe developed with NG in mind. By filling the figs
with the crunch of NG and coating them with the golden combo of white
chocolate and cinnamon, you'll have insanely delicious and luxurious


healthy figs chocolates

Sabine @saudalicious


1. Cut the figs from the top crosswise
open and fill with pieces of granola.
2. Now push the dots back together so that the
paste figs shut.
3. Heat au bain marie the white chocolate
and add the cinnamon and ginger powder to it
4. Scoop the liquid chocolate with a spoon
over the side bars and make sure that also the bottom
is covered.
5. Crumble the walnuts and sprinkle the chocolates with them. Place in the refrigerator until the chocolate has set.
6. Bom Apetite!