Granola recipes

Anouks Yoghurt Bowl



Prepare 3 trays. Add 200 gr to 1 cup. Add coconut yoghurt. Fill the remaining 2 trays with 50 gr. coconut yoghurt. We will add flavour and/or colour to all three trays!

For the white yogurt.
- Add the sugar, lime juice and vanilla extract to the 200 g container of coconut yogurt and stir.

For the pink yoghurt
- Add the pureed strawberries to one of the 100-gr. containers of coconut yogurt, and stir to combine

For the blue yoghurt
- Stir the blue Spirulina into the last container of 100 gr coconut yogurt.

  1. Make your bowl by first filling a nice bowl with the white yoghurt. Then make a swirl with (for example, using the back of a spoon) the pink and blue yogurt.
  2. Add Naturally Granol and decorate with rose petals as desired.
  3. Enjoy!