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Anouks Yoghurt Bowl

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Anouks Yoghurt Bowl

Brief explanation of the recipe -



  1. Prepare 3 trays. Add 200 gr to 1 cup. Add coconut yoghurt. Fill the remaining 2 trays with 50 gr. coconut yoghurt. We will add flavour and/or colour to all three trays!

For the white yoghurt

Add the sugar, lime juice and vanilla extract to the 200 gr. coconut yoghurt bowl and stir together.

For the pink yoghurt

Add the puréed strawberries to one of the 100 gr. trays of coconut yoghurt, and stir together.

For the blue yoghurt

Stir the blue Spirulina through the last bowl of coconut yoghurt of 100 gr.

  1. Make your bowl by first filling a nice bowl with the white yoghurt. Then make a swirl with (for example, using the back of a spoon) the pink and blue yogurt.
  2. Add Naturally Granol and decorate with rose petals as desired.
  3. Enjoy!