In every supermarket, on many menus and probably even in the kitchen cupboard of Queen Máxima: granola is O-VER-AL by 2020. And because the hype doesn't seem to end yet, we'd like to answer some frequently asked questions about granola in general, and Naturally Granola in particular.

Granola, what is it really?

There's no chance you've ever heard of granola. But what is that stuff really? If you googled at the meaning of the word, you don't get much further than 'a muesli-like dish made from roasted and sweetened cereals, seeds, nuts, raisins, coconut and other fruits, eaten for breakfast or snack'.. Fine definition, you'd think, but to us, granola is a lot more than that. Naturally Granola is crunch, love, craft, healthy, socially responsible, sustainable and addictive tasty. What's more, in addition to 'sweetening and roasting', we use special techniques in the preparation of Naturally Granola, and in our product you'll find ingredients that you won't easily find in other granola. Don't worry, these ingredients are all good for you!

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Is Naturally Granola healthy?

Healthy is a relative concept. What is considered healthy for one person can be considered completely irresponsible for another. This also applies, of course, to Naturally Granola. In any case, we can promise that all the ingredients have been selected with the greatest care and attention, they are particularly nutritious and you can pronounce them all. (With quinoa [keen wha] you will probably have the most trouble.) E-numbers and preservatives will not be found in Naturally Granola. Refined sugar and other stuff that doesn't do anything valuable for your body in any way. 

Find out here what we have put in our different variants.

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Premium granola 'chunks' with striking flavours. From a quick breakfast to an impressive dessert, Naturally Granola is the only granola that turns every eating moment into a pampering moment.

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Does Naturally Granola contain gluten?

In principle, the products with which Naturally Granola works do not contain gluten. However, there is one important but: the ingredients do not carry the gluten-free label provided by the Dutch Celiac Disease Association. This means that we cannot rule out the possibility that our granola is 'contaminated'. If the coeliac condition is diagnosed by a doctor, we therefore advise against eating Naturally Granola. Better safe than sorry!

Can Naturally Granola help me lose weight?

We are regularly asked if Naturally Granola can help us lose the excess kilos. The answer? Yes and no. It's like this: losing weight has - just like gaining weight - everything to do with the so-called energy balance. You lose weight when you consume fewer calories than you burn, and vice versa. Naturally Granola is marketed to support a healthy lifestyle - not directly to lose weight or gain weight. Of course, it can do both - determining portion size and counting calories! Check out the nutritional value of all our granola's here.

When can I eat Naturally Granola?

If you're just rolling out of bed while waiting for the train or during your favorite movie. In short: you can enjoy Naturally Granola anytime, anywhere! Can't get much further than having breakfast with granola and some yoghurt? Then get some inspiration here! The applications with Naturally Granola are endless.


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