All granola questions answered

In every supermarket, on many menus and probably even in the kitchen cupboard of Queen Máxima: granola can be found everywhere! And because the trend doesn't seem to be slowing down, we are happy to answer a number of Frequently Asked Questions about granola in general, and naturally Granola in particular.

Granola, what is it? ​

Chances are that by now you've definitely heard of granola. But what is it really? If you google the meaning of the word, you won't get much further than 'a muesli-like dish of roasted and sweetened grains, seeds, nuts, raisins, coconut and other fruits, eaten for breakfast or snack’. Decent definition you might think, but for us granola is much more than that. Naturally Granola is crunch, love, craft, healthy, socially responsible, sustainable and addictively delicious. In addition, we use special techniques when preparing Naturally Granola – in addition to ‘sweetening and roasting’ – and you will find ingredients in our product that you will not easily find in other granola. Don't worry, these ingredients are all good for you!

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Is Granola healthy?​

Healthy is a relative concept. What is perceived as healthy for one can be labeled as completely irresponsible for the other. Of course, this also applies to Naturally Granola. We promise that all ingredients have been selected with the greatest care and attention, they are particularly nutritious and you can pronounce them all. You will not find E-numbers or preservatives in Naturally Granola. Nor will you find refined sugar and other stuff that in no way does anything valuable to your body either. 

Find out here what we have put into our different variations.

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Premium granola 'chunks' with striking flavors. From quick breakfast to impressive dessert: naturally Granola is the only granola that turns every moment of eating into a moment of pampering.

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Does Naturally Granola contain gluten?​

The ingredients that Naturally Granola works with do not contain gluten. However, there is an important but: the ingredients do not carry the gluten-free label provided by the Dutch Celiac Association. This means that we cannot rule out that our granola is ‘contaminated’. If a doctor has diagnosed celiac disease, we do not recommend eating Naturally Granola. Better safe than sorry!

Can Natural Granola help me lose weight?​

We are regularly asked whether Naturally Granola can help to lose the excess kilos. The answer? Yes and no. It goes like this: losing weight – just like gaining weight – has everything to do with the so-called energy balance. You lose weight when you consume fewer calories than you burn, and vice versa. Naturally Granola is marketed to support a healthy lifestyle - not directly to lose weight or gain weight. Of course, you can do both – it's a matter of portion size and counting calories! Check out the nutritional value of all our granolas here.

When can or should I eat Naturally Granola?

When you just roll out of bed, while waiting for the train or during your favorite movie. Basically: you can enjoy Naturally Granola anytime and anywhere! No idea what to do with granola besides add it to your yoghurt for breakfast? Then get some inspiration here! The possibilities with Naturally Granola are endless.

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