With the Naturally Granola subscription, you never have to think about ordering, not even a morning where you look at your kitchen cupboard and realise you're out of granola! What's more, you'll always save 10% on your order! Three pots a week or three a month - Your breakfast, your Naturally Granola! You can create your own subscription based on your granola consumption. Handy to know: You're not attached to anything! You can cancel at any time, with a notice period of 1 month.


  • Never without breakfast again?
  • Free samples of the latest flavours
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Signature is the ultimate combination of pure grains, luxury nuts such as macadamia and pistachio, honey-like mulberries and various nuts and seeds.



Speculaas is a granola with the taste, but without the wheat and sugars of the biscuit. A healthy guilty pleasure!


Belgian Dark Chocolate

Large chunks of granola and pieces of the best Belgian chocolate that are at least as large ensure a breakfast that will not disappoint. I promise!


Roses and Cardamom

The taste of spring, with a nod to the Middle East. Fragrant rose petals and cardamom provide a special taste sensation.


Giraffe's Coffee

Giraffe's Coffee is a collaboration with the Rotterdam based Giraffe Coffee Roasters. In this granola we process 'specialty coffee' with our unique recipe.


Chocolate Speculaas

For everyone who sent us messages that they don't want to wait all year for St. Nicholas and Christmas. Chocolate speculaas, a new best seller, is now standard in the assortment!


Sweet Mystery

Sweet Mystery continues to amaze. Fresh marzipan, crispy strawberry and licorice from Scandinavia. Balanced sweet, without refined sugars.


Floral Fig

The latest granola!

Nutless and Vegan! Developed especially for you. The many requests have been heard, wondering what he tastes like?

This unique granola contains a lot of seeds and has a subtle taste of orange blossom, topped with freeze dried figs. YES freeze-dried figs, we got excited at the thought!