The benefits?

  • Free glass jars with the first order
  • Free samples of the latest flavors
  • Standard 10% discount on all granola
  • Never again look disappointed at the bottom of your jar of granola

Why our subscription?

With the Naturally Granola subscription, you never have to think about ordering, and therefore no morning where you look at your kitchen cupboard and realize you've run out of granola! Plus, you'll always save 10% on your order! Three jars a week or three a month - Your Breakfast, Your Naturally Granola! A subscription is completely customizable based on your granola consumption. Handy to know: You're not stuck with anything! You can cancel at any time, with 1 month's notice.

How to create?

  1. Select below which flavors you would like to receive monthly (can be customized) 
  2. In addition, select how much of this you want.
  3. At the bottom, click the "subscribe" button.