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Our Bestsellers

Guilty pleasures

Signature, Belgian dark chocolate and Speculaas together in one collection. A collection with two "guilty pleasures" which are actually not that guilty at all! You can enjoy them without “sinning”, in combination with the bestselling Signature. 


Signature is the ultimate combination of pure grains, luxurious nuts like macadamia and pistachio, honeyed mulberries and other nuts and seeds. Lightly sweetened with date syrup and toasted with coconut oil. Pure enjoyment!

Belgian dark chocolate

Delicious and chunky granola with pieces of Belgian chocolate of the same size, making your breakfast super healthy and tasty! You won't be disappointed, promise!

What customers say



NG granola is bursting with fiber, protein and nutrients, all important components of a healthy breakfast. Naturally Granola also contains no preservatives, flavors or refined sugars. The nuts our granola contains are full of unsaturated fatty acids, which your body needs!


Both in the making of the granola, and the packaging of it, sustainability is paramount to us. We don't waste anything when baking and even our granola crumbs are used by ambassadors to turn into delicious recipes. Naturally Granola is packaged in a glass jar, and in our recyclable refill bags!


With us you can choose between no less than eight different flavors. All accessible and delicious, but also unique and different from what you'll find in the supermarket. From classic shapes like our signature or chocolate, to speculoos or our floral fig with edible flowers and fig, with us you can try it all!

Naturally granola


Tiara, the founder of Naturally Granola, has put her heart and soul into the company. The perfect, healthy breakfast was her goal, and she certainly succeeded! After spending hours in the kitchen with her boyfriend Nikos, experimenting with different ingredients and cooking methods, the first Naturally Granola variant finally emerged - the Signature!

A nutritious breakfast with delicious unique flavors and sustainable ... it sounds almost too good to be true.