NG in a nutshell

Our great love for Naturally Granola has lasted for about five years now. A lot has happened in that time. We perfected 6 delicious varieties, baked on 3 different locations and launched several limited editions.

With a one-time order it usually doesn't stay; most of the customers come back for more. (And more!) Among them also several dieticians, all of whom were quite impressed by the nutritional value of Naturally Granola.    

Why Naturally Granola? I'll tell you with a lot of love!


No more loose grains and nuts: there is no chunkier than Naturally Granola! Our crispy chunks keep their bite - even in milk. Add crunch ready for breakfast or munch our big chunks right out of the bag!


Each flavour variant is like a voyage of discovery through smells and flavours. Sometimes close by, sometimes far away - but always special. For example, Signature is bursting with luxury nuts, Belgian Chocolate is bursting with the best dark chocolate and Sweet Mystery conjures up exciting sweets. But there's much more...


Naturally Granola chooses sustainability! We consciously use glass jars and bake our granola golden brown in the Social Bakery: Rotterdam's best social workshop.

Best Sellers


The standard that is anything but standard.

Signature is the ultimate combination of pure grains, luxury nuts such as macadamia and pistachio, honey-like mulberries and various nuts and seeds. Lightly sweetened with date syrup and roasted with coconut oil. Pure enjoyment.  

Guilty Pleasures

Signature, Belgian Dark Chocolate and Speculaas together in one collection. Are you a real sweet tooth? A collection with two "guilty pleasures" that are not so guilty at all! You can enjoy this without sinning! With of course our bestseller the Naturally Granola Signature!

Belgian Dark Chocolate

Loved by the chocolate fans among us. Made with the best dark chocolate. And in large pieces, to make sure we don't disappoint anyone!

Great Taste Awards

Guild of Fine Food

This year we have sent two of our bestsellers, the Signature and Belgian Dark Chocolate, on an adventure. We packed them up and sent them on a trip to England, where they ended up at the Guild Of Fine Food. Where the Great Taste Award takes place every year. This year no less than 12,777 products have been judged!

And now, NEWS, we've received stars!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Our Belgian Dark Chocolate received 1 star and Signature (not for nothing my darling) even received 2!